TODO list

  • Add administrative pages to create/modify/remove blogs.
  • Add code to copy files to the slide store on startup if the files are more recent in the filesystem and have not been modified by the user. This should resolve the issue with the CSS file not being availabe in new blogs.
  • Add administrative pages to add/remove users, if the DB-based user backend is used.
  • Improve the plugin detection code and detach plugin loading from activation. Investigate using a third-party plugin system.
  • Add a WYSIWYG editor for posts.
  • Some administrative sideboxes are out-of-sync with the plugin system and need to be rewritten.
  • Add a Calendar view of a month, with post titles in each day.
  • Rewrite the navigations to be limited to the actions available to an user.
  • Rewrite the navigations code to use a tree-based structure rather than the current hack.
  • Add a method for plugins to be able to add templates to the core.

Plugin Ideas

  • A plugin that searches the DOM tree of a post for <a href=""> and <img src=""> attributes that are of the form #media(foo.png) and rewrites them to use the actual URL of the blog.
  • A plugin that searches posts for BiCapitalized words, looks them up in a Wiki database and adds links to the wiki pages appropriately.